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                                                   OPEN MAY 1 - NOV. 30                                                        
                      Office hours daily 9-6  -  Memorial Day to Labor Day                             
Office hours five days during remaining open weeks

For convenience, self check-in anytime, 24/7. Before or after office hours, for a round of golf and cart, to move into a campsite or cabin, or for daily use, please fill out the Self Check-in form provided at the front door of our offices. Put payment or credit card info into the provided envelope, along with the left side of the perforated form. Deposit envelope into the door slot. Place the right-side receipt on the dashboard of your auto. Enter and enjoy!

Should you prefer to use this form to make an advance reservation (instead of checking in after hours), simply complete the form ahead of time and fax it to us at 906-644-2792. We will acknowledge and confirm your reservation by email.

                         Click here to read or print out a PDF of the Self Check-in form.